You may be a start-up company too small for extensive in-house R&D capabilities.

Or you saw an opportunity for a new mathematical algorithm, but your developers cannot create it.

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I am a PhD-level consultant designing, implementing and optimizing bespoke mathe­matical models, algorithms and numerical simulations. My fifteen years of inter­national experience at the cross­roads of applied mathe­matics and pro­gramming allow me to find the algorithm best suited to your situation (see, or to optimize codes that crunch a lot of numbers (cf.

I have worked in fields as varied as materials science and applied physics; investing, personal finance and financial planning; renewable energy and energy savings; sport statistics (and I am always interested in working in new domains).

I have a doctorate degree from the University of Michigan (in the USA). I co-authored 15 scientific articles on mathe­matical modeling and numerical simu­lations, including two as first author in Physical Review Letters.

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Computational materials science
and applied physics

My PhD and my re­search at the University of Cam­bridge were mathe­matical modeling and numerical simu­lations in materials science and applied physics.

I have implemented diverse simulation techniques (molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo, phase field) for varied materials systems: semi­conductors (nano­structure formation during hetero­epitaxial growth), metals (competition between pearlite and martensite in steel, nano­grains and nano­wires of shape-memory alloys), polymers (glass transition).

Investing, personal finance
and financial planning

I do numerical modeling and computer simulations of investing and personal finance. I modeled the stock market (S&P 500) to write the article "Long-term stock invest­ments should last three decades" (, I designed and imple­mented a financial planning tool using Monte Carlo simulations at, and I modeled stock–bond port­folios (

I am also the author of the book "Votre argent mérite de vous rap­por­ter plus" ( as well as of articles on investing and personal finance at

Renewable energy
and energy savings

I have worked on mathematical and scientific aspects as a consultant (as well as written on sustainability out of personal interest). I carried out a mathematical study of smart electric grids and demand response. For another client, I optimized the energy efficiency of industrial plants (more profits and less CO2). I also did a statistical study of the energy use of buildings.

Editing and translation of scientific articles, theses and dissertations

I can help with the writing, editing and proof­reading of your academic, scientific and technical articles, as well as theses and dissertations. I can work in English and French, as well as translate between them.

I am first author of over a dozen journal articles in diverse fields. I have also been a referee for even more papers. I can use both Word and LaTeX.

Contact me today and tell me about your project.

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